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List of Video Categories

City Town Local

Video that explains characteristics of cities, towns, and villages

Country Sides

Less populated with lot of Nature.

Hips and Fashionables

Fashionable cities like Harajuku, Shibuya, or Ginza.

Historical Sites

City that has more than 300 years of history


Popular Illumination and light-up sceneries.

Modern Cities

Cities and Towns which very developed and established within 50 years




An onsen (温泉) is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs

Popular Spots

Spots not for tourism but yet very popular.

Samurai House

Edo-style House of Samurai


Towers and high buildings that offers aerial views

Tourist Attractions

City that mainly build on tourism


People with mastery on Japanese art

Masters of Japanes Arts

People with mastery on Japanese art

Eating & Drinking

Place to enjoy good food and drink

Eating & Drinking

Place to enjoy good food and drink

How To

Tips about Japan you have to know

Cooking Japanese Bowl

bowl is a Japanese style dish, a main meal on a bowl of rice

Cooking Japanese Noodles

Japanese noodles: soba, udon, ramen, somen, kishimen, and others

Cooking Japanese Meals

Every week, MustLoveJapan shows you how to cook a different Japanese dish

Dancing Bonodori

Bonodori is Japanese traditional group dancing

How To

Tips about Japan you have to know


Gift shops, food stands, and such


Gift shops, food stands, and such

Local Shopping District

Japanese local shopping avenue, called Shotengai in Japanese, where you can buy lots of Japanese daily supplies, foods and other glossaries

Shopping Made-in-Japan

Shopping district where you can buy Japanese special products, such as electric appliance, traditional arts and craftworks, martial arts (Budo) supplies, foods and fishes


Hands-on Japanese culture

Learn and Experience

Hands-on Japanese culture


Schools of Japanese traditional and modern cultures

Nature Parks

Natural beauty, public parks, and private gardens


Caves and tunnels

Flower Park

parks best known for its flowers

Japanese Garden

Japanese style traditinal gardens

Lakes and Rivers

River and Lakes


Mountains and hills.

Ocean Side

beachs, capes, and islands

Parks and Gardens

public parks and private gardens


Popular springs with pure water.


Valleys filled with delighting scenery


Waterfall emphasizing "100 best falls in Japan"

Temples Shrines

Buddhist temple, Shinto shrine, and other religious structures


Structures reserved for Shintoism.


Structures reserved for Japanese Buddhism.


Remains of Japanese History


Battlefield where the famous battles happened

Trace of Genpei

The historical spots related to Genpei War which happened between Taira clan and Genji clan from 1180 to 1185

Ancient Japan

Historical spot of ancient Japan

Meiji Restoration

Historical Spots related to Meiji Restoration, such as Shinsengumi and Ishinshishi

Ruins of Castles

Ruins of Japanese castle from middle age

Japanese Castle

Japanese style castle with Tenshu-kau

Trace of Sengoku

The ruins, graves and historical spots related to Sengoku Period and early Edo Period

Events Activities

Events and activities that take place in limited time of year


Firework festivals also known as "Hanabi"


Activities to enjoy beautiful flowers

Lives, Dances, and Music

Dance and Music


Japanese loca festivals, both religious and non-religous.

Seasonal Events

Traditional and Non-Traditional events that are festivals but not matsuri


Hotels and Inns. Both Western style and Traditional Japanese style


Ryokan is a Japanese style hotel
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