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Geisha Cafe

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Geisya Cafe (ゲイシャカフェ) is the photo studio where you can take a picture of yourself wearing Japanese traditional wigs, such as Samurai, Geisya or Maiko, and Kimono, the Japanese cloth. At Geisya Cafe, they prepare everything for you, so you just visit there. So, if you want to try Japanese wig and kimono, visit Geisya Cafe.

Tourist Info.
Photo session with the wig and kimono: Lady
Geisya (2 poses): 12,600 yen
Ooku (2 poses): 10,500 yen
Wedding (2 poses), shiromuku style: 10,500 yen
Wedding (2 poses), Irouchikake style: 10,500 yen
Wedding (3 poses), Shiromuku and Irouchikake: 15,750 yen

Samurai (2 poses): 10,500 yen
Wedding (2 poses): 5,750 yen

Geisya and Samurai (4 poses): 23,100 yen
Wedding (4 poses): 21,500 yen

Japanese Make up: 4,200 yen
Additional pose: 1,050 yen for each
Additional photo: 1,050 yen for each

You will have 2 sets of photo and entire digital data of photo.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use Marunouchi Line to Awajicho (3 min.)
2. change Shinjuku Line Ogawamachi (1 min.)
3. use Shijuku LIne to Morishita (7 min.)


Photo session is not only used as your memorial, but also used as the promotion tools and wedding. Some times, the champion of boxers visit here and use their Samurai photo for their championship games.

Geisya Cafe is the run by Taiyo Katsura. Taiyo Katsura produces Japanese wig for movie, TV and showcases. So, you can also order your own wig. It is all order made to fit your head. The accessories are come with the wig, and the hair of wig is real human's hair.

Price: 200,000 to 300,000 yen.

They also rent their wigs. They prepares all aspect of samurai movie scenes. They also have the professional assistant for the wig stylist.

Price for rental: about 30,000 yen
Specialist: 26,250 for Tokyo area, additional fee for far side of Tokyo.

Those making or rental wig are not only for movie and show case, it is also used for Japanese Traditional dance performance, and any other traditional Japanese events.

They offer you the great help for your Japanese show!

English is OK. Not perfectly available.

Official Web for Geisya Cafe:

Official Web for Taiyo Katsura:

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