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Fireworks in Kanto

Upcoming summer events: Fireworks everywhere in Japan! Fireworks are Japanese favorite festival for Japanese, and fireworks lead the summer. We will show you the heart of Japanese festivals. Japanese fireworks are known as the best fireworks in the world: it's beauty, it's delicacy, and it's originality. It's a must see.
There area hundreds of firework festivals in Japan each year. Since the beauty of fireworks can only be understood with the movement, there are videos in this site for some of those festivals. The videos can feature around 3 minutes of each firework events. Most firework events take more than one hour. It will be more exciting when you join the events and see them by yourself.
It will be more exciting when you join the events and see them by yourself. So, check out the schedule for the great firework festivals of 2008.

List for Fireworks in Kanto

Fireworks at Sumidagawa River

July 28 19:10~20:30 Sumida River Fire Works (隅田川花火大会) has the one of the ...

Fireworks at Tamagawa River

In the concept of Waterfront, the fire works on this festival are mostly ...

Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition

Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition(土浦全国花火競技大会) is the biggest ...

Fireworks at Arakawa River

July 26 19:15~20:45 This year, Adachi Fire Works presents "Night Circus ...

Fireworks at Kamakura

August 10 19:00~20:15 Kamakura Fire Works is one of the unique Fire Works ...

Katsushika Firework Festa

Katsushika Firework Festa.(第42回葛飾納涼花火大会) Vol.42. The concept of the ...

Kanagawa News Paper Fireworks

23 rd Kanagawa News Paper Fireworks(神奈川新聞花火大会) has one of the great ...

Fireworks at Zushi

July 7 19:45~20:30 Zushi (逗子) is the one of the popular beach around ...

Lake Kawaguchi Firework Festa

Lake Kawaguchi Firework Festa(河口湖湖上祭) is the biggest and last firework ...

Miura Beach Fireworks Festival

Miura Beach Fireworks Festival (三浦海岸花火大会) is a fireworks festival hold at ...

Ashikaga Fireworks Festival

Ashikaga Fireworks Festival (足利花火大会) is one of the biggest fireworks in ...


Fireworks at Zushi

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July 7
Zushi (逗子) is the one of the popular beach around Tokyo area. Its Fire Work Festival has various kinds of fire works including the Starmine Joggling which are the one of the major fire works. Air Niagara is the another popular one is Zushi Fire works. Many shops and catering open on beach on this festival. Local Stores and restaurants sale drinks and food for this festival. On the beach, there are many catering. The stage is very near from Zushi Station. Compare to the other fire works festival, the traffic is very low.
85,000 visitors
5,000 Fire Works
0. at Kamakura St.
1. use JR Yokosuka Line to Zushi (6 min.)

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