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National Holidays:
- 02/11 : National Day of Japan (建国記念日)

Major Events:
- Setsubun (節分) at 02/03
- Valentine's Day at 02/14

Weather: Mostly Sunny but sometimes snow (rains 63mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 5.4 degrees C, 55%



February is the coldest month in Japan. So, best season for sky and snow-boading. Many roads even around Tokyo area becomes icy sometimes. You have to be very careful when you drive, especially northern part of Japan. Sometimes, you have to set chains for your car.

Setsubun, 02/03, is the major events in February. It is one of the oldest traditional custom in Japan. There are many events related with Setsubun hold in Japan. Mamemaki is the activity which plays in Setsubun.

February 11 which is the National Day of Japan is the first Emperor Jinmu was appeared in Japanese myth.

February 14 is the Valentine's Day. Japanese Valentine's Day is very unique. Because it is based on this "Girls give Boys chocolate," you will see many special sales of chocolate everywhere in Japan.

All Spots in Feburary

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