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National Holiday:
- 05/03 : Constitution Day (憲法記念日)
- 05/04 : Green Day (みどりの日)
- 05/05 : Childrens' Day (こどもの日)

Major Events:
- The Golden-Week

Weather: Sunny or Rain (rains 148mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 18.4 degrees C, 68%

- Fuji
- Rose.


The Golden-Week happens in May. The Golden-Week is the longest holidays beside the new year's break and summer break in Japan. It starts from the end of April to the end of the first weekend of May. So, all of the travel spots in Japan will become pack of Japanese travelers. It is the worst season to visit Japan during the Golden-Week. It is so hard to make a reservation for hotels, transportation and restaurants, and some of the spots rise the price for this season.

In the northern part of Japan, Ice starts melting, so many waterfalls have large amount of water which become not only beautiful but also very strong to see.

All Spots in May

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