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National Holiday:
- 11/03 "Day of Culture" (文化の日)
- 11/23 "Labor's Day" (勤労感謝の日)

Major Events:
- 11/15 "Shichi-Go-San" (七五三)
- Torinoichi, Koyo

Weather: Cloudy not much rain (rains 93mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 12.3 degrees C, 64%


The weather in November is very unsuspectical. It will change all over sudden without any sign. It is very hard for travelers to make a schedule.

Koyo starts in November from north to south. Koyo, autumn leves, is very beautiful. Some of mountain turns entire surface red. Not like Sakura, Koyo keeps only a couple of days. When Koyo is finished and all the leaves falls, winter begins.

Novemer is called Shimozuki, means foggy month. As winter starts, air becomes cold and foggy. Boys and girls who are age of 7, 5 and 3 join Shichigosan, means 7-5-3 at Japanese Shrine. Shichigosan is one of the traditonal events for young Japanese for praying their healthy growing.

All Spots in November

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