Language /zhtw/zh


National Holiday:
- 2nd monday "Day of Sports" (体育の日)

Major Events:
- Athletic festivals

Weather: Mostly rain or cloudy (rains 181mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 17.3 degrees C, 70%


Ocober is called Kannazuki in Japanese old term. Kannazuki means no Gods because all Japanese Gods will be visiting Izumo. So, only Izumo called Kamiarizuki which means all Gods assembled.

Japanese also enjoy many activities, such as sports, reading, traveling, and apitaite. Most of Japanese schools have Sports Festival in "Taiikuno hi." Not only students but also, many people enjoy sports and travel becuase weather of October is best in the year. Not too hot or cold.

Japanese food in Ocober is very delicious, especially Sanma is great. In some mountain, Koyo starts so it is also nie to hike at mountain. From October Daytime is getting shorter and shorter everyday. Also, Halloween is also happens in Japan, too.

All Spots in October

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