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Area Distribution : Chiba

Sightseeing Guide: Chiba

Chiba(千葉) is located in the east side of Tokyo which include Boso Peninsula. Chiba is one of Japan’s largest industrial area because it has long coastline on Tokyo Bay. This area is also called Uchi-bo which not only the industrial area, but also the fish industry is well developed. Northern part of Chiba has the larger area of the rice field. It has also Narita Air Port. In this area, there are many historic temple and shrines like, Naritasan Shinjoji Temple, or Katori Shrine.

Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Urayasu which is right next to Tokyo metropolitan, so this area is well developed as Tokyo.

East side of Boso Peninsula has Kujukuri Beach, one of the longest beach in Japan. Many people visit this beach for their summer vacation. Most of the cities along the coastline of Boso Peninsula has great ports. So, fish markets are very active in Boso Peninsula. Inside of the Boso Peninsula is mountain. There are many beautiful nature and golf course.

Area List

Boso Peninsula

Boso Peninsula (房総半島, bosohanto) is the south east side of Kanto area. The coastline faces Tokyo Bay called Uchi-bo(内房), and the coastline faces Pacific Ocean called Soto-bo (外房). Most of the cities are located along the coastline and middle part of Boso Peninsula is mostly mountain. Because access to Uchi-bo is very good from Tokyo, many people visit here for delicious local fish and hiking. Soto-Bo has the Kujukurihama (九十九里浜) Beach which is one of the longest beach in Japan. So in summer many people visit there for summer vacation.


Narita area is the north part of Chiba Prefecture, there are many important shrines and temples. Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is one of the most popular temples, especially famous for new year's worship. Katori Shrine is the oldest shrine and most important shrine for Japanese martial arts. Most of the Narita area are rice field but there are also many natures are still preserved well, and some of the cities like Sawara have old style building which gives you Edo style travel. Tone River, which is the longest river in Japan are located on the border of Ibaraki Prefecture, is also located in this area.

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