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Area Distribution : Fukushima

Sightseeing Guide: Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture is located south Tohoku Region. It's divided by three areas: Hamadori area with pacific ocean side. Nakadori area located inside of Oou mountains and Abukuma highland. Aizu located inside of Oou mountains and Echigo mountains. Fukushima has great nature spots especially south of Aizu area. Aizu is also popular historic spots related with Sengoku and Meiji Restoration.

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Aizu-Wakamatsu area is located in western Fukushima Prefecture. Historically speaking, Aizu is one of the most important places, especially during the Meiji Restoration. There are many historical ruins, such as a castles, samurai houses or edo style houses. Shinsengumi is also deeply related in Aizu. Also, western Fukushima has one of the best nature in Japan. Starting from Mt. Bandai, and Lake Inawashiro, there are many beautiful mountains, rivers, forest and lakes. In winter, Aizu and this area get heavy snow which offers many winter activities to the tourists.

Fukushima and Koriyama

Fukushima and Koriyama are considered as Nakadori area. The area is surrounded by Abukubo mountains and Oou mountains. Fukushima and Koriyama are the biggest cities in Fukushima prefecture. This are is used to be an important transportation area connect Edo and Tohoku since Edo period. There are many historic sight such as castle are in this area.

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