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Area Distribution : Ishikawa

Sightseeing Guide: Ishikawa

Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県) is one of the Chubu Region Prefecture. It is also considered Hokuriku Region which facing the sea of Japan. The half of the prefecture is a part of Noto Peninsula, and southern area is belong to Hida mountains. All of the Ishikawa is the heavy snowfall area in Japan. Ishikawa was called Kaga and ruled by Maeda clan during Edo period. Maeda clan was the second biggest Daimyo, 1 million koku, beside Tokugawa Shogun. Therefore, it remains many of historical site in this area. Ishikawa is popular for its quick grow rice, and tasty sea food from the sea of Japan.

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Kanazawa (金沢) is a capital of Ishikawa prefecture. It was also the capital of Kanawaza during Edo period. Therefore, it has the castle and its castle town. The layout of the castle town was not destroyed by modernization. The street, canal and houses of Samurai residence are remains exactly the same as it used to be. Kanazawa Castle, which is the main feature of Kanazawa besides Kenrokuen Garden, was restored in 2001. Kanazawa is one of the most popular travel spot in Hokuriku region because of those rich history.

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