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Area Distribution : Iwate

Sightseeing Guide: Iwate

Iwate Prefecture is located in Tohoku Region. It is 2nd biggest prefecture in Japan. Most of people live in the central basin area. The ocean side of Iwate is called Sariku Coast. It is typical ria cast which is great suited for aquafarming for seaweeds and abalone. Agriculture is also very strong in Iwate. Its food self-sufficiency ratio is over 100%. Hiraizumi, the former capital of Mutsu is designated as the UNESCO world heritage site in June 2011.

Area List

Oshu Hiraizumi

Oshu Hiraizumi is the former capital of the land of Mutsu in ancient Japan. It is located southern Iwate prefecture. The site of Hiraizumi remains many gardens, temples and ruins which historically valuable enough to be registered as UNESCO world heritage site. Also mountain side of this area have many beautiful nature spots such as Genbi valley.


Sanriku (三陸) area is the seaside area of Iwate prefecture. Entire coast line is ria coast, therefore, fisheries industry are very strong. The ocean near from Sanriku is one of the three major fishing bank in the world. Also, ria coast creates very beautiful scenery. In March 11, 2011, this area had been damaged seriously by Tsunami.

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