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Area Distribution : Kagawa

Sightseeing Guide: Kagawa

Kagawa Prefecture (香川県) is one of four prefectures of Shikoku Island. It is also know as the Udon prefecture because their special feature "Sanuki Udon" is the most famous Udon in Japan. There are many kinds of Udon you can eat at Kagawa. It is the smallest prefecture in Japan. Most of the sites face to Seto Inland Sea, therefore sea products are great. Especially, Iriko and kelp which used for Dashi for their Udon are very popular.

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Takamatsu (高松) is an economical and political center of Shikoku Island. It is also most populated city in Shikoku Island. It was used to be a castle town. Takamatsu port is one of the biggest port in Kagawa. Ritsurin park which is a Japanese style garden located in Takamatsu, is chosen as 3 start spot in Michelin Guide.

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