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Area Distribution : Osaka

Sightseeing Guide: Osaka

Osaka is the second biggest economic area in Japan. It was used to be the center of Japan during the early period. There are many Kofun, the great tombs of the early emperors, especially Emperor Nintoku. Because of the great location with Osaka Bay and Yodo River, it was the economic center of Japan all the way till the end of Edo period. It is still the major city for all western region.

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Osaka city is the second biggest city and has the third biggest population in Japan. There is Osaka Castle located in the middle of the city, and all kinds of economic and entertainment business are taken place in Osaka city. During the Edo period, because of the location and history, it became also the second biggest city and create many unique cultures. Great for shopping and also, you can eat many kinds of Kansai delicacies in Osaka City.

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