Chichibu Ontake Shrine

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Chichibu Ontake Shrine (秩父御嶽神社) is one of Ontake Shrine located in Hanno, Saitama prefecture. It was established by Kamoshita Seihachi who was the faithful monk of Mt. Ontake in 1894. There is also memorial park and shrine of Admiral Togo Heihachiro. The shrine is located on the top of mountain. You can experiencing the climbing up Mt. Ontake

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Please donate: 100 yen.

0. Hanno Station.
1. use Seibu Chichibu line to Agano Station.
2. walk (30 min.)

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Chichibu Ontake Shrine

Enshrines: Kamoshita Seihachi

Chichibu Ontake Shrine was established by Kamoshita Seihachi in 1894. It is a brunch shrine of Kiso Mt. Ontake. Seihachi was the faithful monk of Mt. Ontake.

Togo Park
There many items from the Russo-Japanese War displayed at this park. It is also know as one of the best Koyo spot in Saitama.

The statue of Admiral Togo
It was built by Kamoshita Seihachi who was the monk of Ontakekyo in 1925. When Admiral Togo was alive, he never accepted to built his statue . However, Kiyohachi visited and asked Togo over 80 times, Togo finally allowed him to built the statue. So, this is the only Togo's statue built while Togo is alive.

Togo Shrine
Enshrines Admiral Togo. There is Reitaisai in May 27.

The Statue of General Nogi
Another popular General during the Russo-Japanese War. He took over Port Ryojun and let Japanese army and navy win the war.

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