Jewery Town Okachimachi

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Okachimachi (御徒町) is aJewelry wholesale district located in Okachimachi, Tokyo. It is the only Japanese jewelry spot. There are over 150 jewelry shops in Okachimachi. There are all kinds of Jewelry accessories related stores in Okachimachi. Also, some of the store buy your jewelry, reform your Jewelry and fix your Jewelry. Some of wholesale store sale their jewels personally, and they are very reasonable price.

Tourist Info.
There is coin parking around this area. No restroom.
Some of them won't sale to individual customers.

0. at Ueno Station.
1. use JR Yamanote Line to Okachimachi.
2. walk east.

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Jewery Town Okachimachi

The history of Okachimachi is very long. It was formed in Edo period. Many low rank samurai lived in this area. Because they were so pour, they had to make a living with craft works. Because there are many Temples, such as Sensoji, Kaneiji, and Oiran-Geisya spots around Okachimachi, fixing their accessories, combs Temple tools were major industry in this area. After Meiji restoration, those samurai craft men became Jewelry fixer. This is the beginning of Okachimachi as Jewelry district.

Today, there are over 150 Jewelry related stores in this area. Some of the stores buy your Jewelry, fix your jewelry and reform your jewelry.

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