Ruins of Castles

Ruins of Japanese castle from middle age.

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Nijo Castle

Kanazawa Castle

Takatori Castle

Odani Castle

Saga Castle

Sendai Castle

Iwadono Mountain Castle

Yamanaka Castle

Ueda Castle

Kasumi ga Castle


Katsuren Castle

The Ruins of Nagoya Castle

Kanayama Castle

Matsuzaka Castle

Mt. Ishigaki One Night Castle

Naeki Castle

Iwamura Castle

Toyama Castle

Tsuyama Castle

Yamagata Castle

Nakagusuku Castle

Nakijin Castle

Takane Castle

Akashi Castle

Hachioji Castle

Tsukui Castle

Takato Castle

Hachimanyama Castle

Fukui Castle

Fukuoka Castle

Asuke Castle

The palace of Kawagoe Castle

Shibata Castle

Zakimi Castle

Hachigata Castle

Iinuma Castle

Matsushiro Castle

Takatenjin Castle

Iwasaki Castle

Minowa Castle

Arato castle

Tokushima Castle

Takaoka Castle

Nirayama Castle

Karasawayama Castle

Yokosuka Castle

Futamata Castle

Nagashino Castle

Takada Castle

Sunomata Castle

Sawayama Castle

Sakura Castle

Kino Castle

Takamatsu Castle

Ako Castle

Shingu Castle

Kanegasaki Castle

Yuzuki Castle

Sakata Castle

Kanjosan Castle

Soma Nakamura Castle

Morioka Castle

Nagahama Castle

Yoshida Castle

Tsu Castle

Sanada Castle

Kasugayama Castle

Odaka Castle

Kutsukake Castle

Shoryuji Castle

Murakami Castle

Gojome Castle

Numata Castle

Tatsuoka Castle Pentagon

Kijo Park and Tsuchiura Castle

Doi Castle

Utsunomiya Castle

Tsutsujigasaki House

Oyama Gion Castle

Chigasaki Castle

Narumi Castle

Tojo Castle

Bitchu Takamatsu Castle

Shiratori castle

Yasuda Castle

Kisai Castle

Ogura Park

Yodo Castle

Iwadeyama Castle

Ozuke Castle

Takasaki Castle

Tsurugaoka Castle

Ise Kameyama Caslte

Migusuku Castle

Minakuchi Castle

Tatebayashi castle

Okamoto castle

Kuwana Castle

Shinjo Castle

Nijo Castle

Travel Information

Nijo Castle (二条城, nijo-jo) is the flatland castle located in Kyoto. It is one of the most famous spot in Kyoto. Nijo-jo was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu for Shogun residence in Kyoto. 3rd Tokugawa Shogun, Iemitsu completed the construction in 1622. Nijo-jo has the great feature of Momoyama Style Culture and Art. As the castle of Kyoto, Nijo-jo appears in many historical scenes till the end of Edo period which is also known as Meiji Restoration. There are many historically important buildings including National Treasures. Also, it is designated as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kyoto.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 600 for adult. 350 yen for junior and high school. 200 for elementally school. free for kids.
There is a group discount from 30 persons.
Open: 8:45 to 17:00 (Last entry 16:00)
Close at: Tuesday of Dec. Jan. Jul. Aug.