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Usaburo Kokeshi

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Usaburo Kokeshi (卯三郎こけし) is the Japanese traditional doll "Kokeshi" shop and manufacturer in Gunma Prefecture. The founder Mr. Usaburo Okamoto has designed and produced Kokeshi. Not only producing traditional style of Kokeshi, Mr. Usaburo has been challenging new style of Kokeshi. Usaburo Kokeshies are the great harmony of traditional and modern style of Kokeshi which produced by the greatest designers.
Tourist Info.
Large parking are available. There is studio tour and experience Kokeshi painting.
0. Shin-Maebashi st.
1. take JR Joetsu Line to Shibukawa St. (14 min.)
2. take bus to Uedayotsukado (20 min.)
3. walk southwest (25 min.)