Diamond Fuji at Mt. Ryugadake

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Diamond Fuji at Mt Ryugadake (ダイヤモンド富士初日の出) happens on New Year's Day. The phenomenon of the sun seeming to rise out of the summit of Mt Fuji is called Diamond Fuji. It is the most popular the New Year's sunrise spot in Japan. Mt Ryugadake is a popular hiking spot located in Yamanashi prefecture and is 1,485m high.

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There is parking as well as restrooms at the Lake Motosu Campsite. It takes two hours to walk to the top of the mountain, but many people visit to see this event on New Year's day so it will be very crowded.

There is no public transport operating at this time of night, so you need a car. The parking area is located at Lake Motosu.

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Diamond Fuji at Mt. Ryugadake

Diamond Fuji is an amazing phenomenon which combines the sunrise and Mt Fuji. When the sun seems to rise out of the top of Mt Fuji, it is called "Diamond Fuji."

At Mt Ryugatake, this phenomenon happens on New Year's Day. The mountain's peak is 1485 metres above sea level.

Parking will be very crowded and it will be very cold, so bring warm clothes. There may be snow on the trail!

The sunrise effect will appear between 7:40 and 8:00, so you need to start climbing at about 5:00 to get to the right place and enjoy the view.

The best spot for the view is not the peak of Mt Ryugatake but a lookout just before the top.