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Handa (半田) is one of the popular historical site located in Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture. It is known as the town of Kura, the Japanese storage. This town was developed as the town of the ship transportation and trading. Therefore, there are many breweries such as Mitsukan and others in this town. It has a beautiful black wall storages and traditional towns especially Handa Canal.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Otagawa Station.
1. use Meitetsu Kawawa Line to Chita Handa Station.
2. walk.

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Map around Handa

Detailed Travel Guide

Handa is the town of Kura and the canal with many breweries. There are many beautiful traditional houses.

Mitsukan Museum
Mitsukan is one of the popular Vinegar brand in Japan. Most of the black wall traditional buildings are Mitsukan's building. There is a factory museum that you can learn about Mitsukan.

Oguri House
Over 140 years old traditional building that is used as the visitor's center today.

Handa Red Brick Building
is Old Beer Brewery. It was constructed in the Meiji Period. Today, it is also open for public.

Hanroku Garden
is one of the Japanese style garden located near by Handa Canal. It was used to be the house of Nakano who is a powerful shipowner and the owner of the trading company.