How to dance Tohoku Ondo

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Tohoku Ondo (東北音頭) is popular Bon Odori Song of Tohoku region. It is normal speed and simple move.

Song: Hashi Yukio
(counter clockwise)

Level: 02
Type: easy

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How to dance Tohoku Ondo

Face to the direction (counter clockwise).
Count 4 with drums.
Clap, clap and clap.
Grab hands lightly, and raise them up and open to right side. Step right foot.
Do the other side, 4 times in total.
Right, left, right, left.
Step back, right and left, with Awasete (palms always face each others).
Spin to the right.
First step right foot and drop. Put your hands together at right shoulder.
Step left foot and up.
From the left low, walk forward and clap, clap and beck.
Step right and beck together.
Do the other side.
Move forward and swing your arms from down to up twice.
Step right foot and draw Mt. Fuji.
Step back the right foot and clap.
Step left, right and left. Put feet together. Clap at each steps.

Dance Instructor: Yoshiko Ikemura Sensei
Dance team: Minato Waodorinokai, Ran no Kai.