Iwade Kannon

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Iwade Kannon (岩出観音) is one of the Buddhism temple located in Okuwa, Nagano Prefecture. It was established about 300 years. It is located on the cliff of Mt. Iwade and has a great stage that has a great view of Okukwa area.

Tourist Info.
There are no parking.
There is a restroom.

0. at Kiso Fukushima Station.
1. use JR Chuo line to Suhara Station.
2. walk south.

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Iwade Kannon
The legend said, about 300 years ago, there was an old craftsman who made a horseshoe. One day, one great Samurai bought shoes, but at that time, there is only a shoe. The old man rapidly made another shoe and delivered to Samurai. Samura really liked his work and his honesty, and tried to pay him. However, the old man didn't receive the money because it was his fault. Samurai really appreciates his act and picked up the wooden board. He wrote "Bato-Kannon" and give him as the amulet.

When he brought back that board, the board started glowing. The old man really surprised, took this board to Myoshinji temple at Kyoto. He got the official writing of Myoshinji and enshrines the board at current place and built the temple.