The garden of Kanjizaioin Temple

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The garden of Kanjizaioin Temple (旧観自在王院庭園) is one of UNESCO world heritage sites of Hiraizumi. It was built by the wife of Fujiwara no Motohira. It is also designated as national landscape of Japan. The temples were lost in long time ago, but the beautiful gardens remains as beautiful as it was built in 12th century.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking (There is one near Motsuji parking)
There is no restroom.

0. at Ichinoseki Station.
1. use JR Tohoku Line to Hiraizumi (9 min.)
2. walk west (10 min.)


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The garden of Kanjizaioin Temple

According to the Kamakura era historical record Azuma Kagami, kanjizaioin temple was commissioned by the wife of Motohira, the 2nd lord of Oshu Fujiwara. Beside it, on th ewest side, is Motsuji garden designated a place of Special Scenic Beauty, whilst to the north of the Kanjizaioin temple garden pond called Maizuru ga ike (dancing crane pond) is the historic site Kinkeisan (golden Cokerel Hill)

To th south is the site of the Kuramachi remains, where traces of the large structures called Takaya were discovered. Maizuru ga ike has undergone restoration and maintenace.

The foundation stones of both a large and small Amida Hall, a Fugendo Hall and a belfry show that the site was considerably developed in the 12 century. Trace of earthen embankments were excavated on the west side and another on the south side as well as a west and south gate. Between the embankment bordering the west side of Kanjizaioin teple and another on the east side of Motsuji temple there was side road surfaced with stones and a area used for the parking of oxcarts beside it.

(reference: official board on the site)