Kawasaki Daishi

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Kawasaki Daishi (川崎大師) is a temple town located in Kawasaki, Kanagawa. Kawasaki Daishi is one of very popular temple in Kanagawa. It is 3rd most popular temple for new year worshipping. Over 2.7 million visitors worship during the new year worshipping. There are two shopping district that leads to the temple. Nakamise Street is filled with many candy stores. Also, Hachiman Shrine has Kanayama Shrine. Kanayama shrine helds Kanamara Matsuri also known as fertility festival.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking. You can use Parking at the station or the temple.

0. at Kawasaki Station.
1. use Keikyu Daishi Line to Kawasaki Daishi.

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Map around Kawasaki Daishi

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Kawasaki Daishi
Kawasaki Daishi
the actual name is Heikenji temple. It was established in 1128. It is the 3rd most popular new year worshipping place in Japan. Over 2.7 million people worship from January 1 to 5. It is known as preserving you and your family from disasters, and sickness.

Omote Sando Street
It is typical Japanese shopping street. There are many Damura doll stores as well. Kuzu mocha is one of famous sweets in This street.

Nakamise Street
Another street leading to the temple. It has many candy stores and gift shops.

Kanayama Shrine
… is located in side of Hachiman Shrine. It is known as fertility festival.