Kawazu Nanadaru

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Kawazu Nanadaru (河津七滝) is the one of the famous hot spring town in Izu. It has great seven waterfalls. Entire town is in the valley of Joint rocks (In geology the term joint refers to a fracture in rock) of lava. So, not only there are great waterfalls but also you can enjoy great sightseeing here.
Tourist Info.
There is hotel right next to Odaru (one of the seven falls). You can enjoy hot spring and watching the great waterfall at the same time.
0. at Mishima Station
1. take Izu-Hakone Line to Shuzenji Station (35 min.)
2. take Izu-Tokai Bus to kawazunanadaru (43 min.)
3. walk North (15 min.)


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Map around Kawazu Nanadaru

Detailed Travel Guide

Kawazu Nanadaru

Try Wasabi ice-cream here. It is very interesting taste. It very spicy, but great.
There are many hotels with hot spring in this town. Hiking and fishing is very exciting here. Also, not just wasabi ice-cream, there are also many unique food in this town.
Seven waterfalls
Kamadaru: 22m (73 ft.) Height and 2m (6.6 ft.) Width
Ebidaru: 5m (17 ft.) Height and 3m (10 ft.) Width
Hebidaru: 3m (10 ft.) Height and 2m (6.6 ft.) Width
Syokeidaru: 10m (35 ft.) Height and 7m (26 ft.) Width
Deaidaru: 2m (6.6 ft.) Height and 2m (6.6 ft.) Height
Odaru: 30m (100 ft.) Height and 7m (26 ft.) Height