Kirifuri Waterfall

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Kirifuri Waterfall (霧降の滝, kirifurinotaki) is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan and three great falls in Nikko. It is located at Kirifuri river which is one of the headwater of Tone river. It has 25m (83 ft.) hight at higher fall and 26m (86 ft.) high at lower fall. The length of the waterfall is 75m (250 ft.). The width begins 5m and ends 15m. The sight is also selected as one of the 100 best scenery of Tochigi Prefecture.

Tourist info.
There are free parking space and restroom are available. You can access to the higher observation deck to see this fall. Access to the bottom is now close.

0. at Nikko Station
1. use Tobunikko bus to kirifukinotakiiriguchi (30 min.)
2. walk to the deck (10 min.)

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Map around Kirifuri Waterfall

Detailed Travel Guide

Kirifuri Waterfall

Visit this waterfall at fall because it has great Autumn colors with the trees around fall.

It was named "Kirifuri (fog drop in Japanese)" because the fall creat beautiful fog. From the observation deck, you can view entire falls from arial angle. Access is very easy, but road to the bottom is currently closed.

The view from the deck is one of the best mountain view in Japan. You can feel the fresh and cool air in this fall.