Onoura Beach

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Onoura Beach (小野浦海水浴場) is located in Mihama, Aichi Prefecture. It is in the southwest of Chita Peninsula. Onoura Beach is about 900n long and 2nd largest beach in Aichi Prefecture. You can enjoy all kinds of beach spots and activities.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Otagawa Station.
1. use Meitetsu Kawawa Line to Fuki Station.
2. use Meitetsu Chita Line to Utsumi Station.
3. walk.
or drive 247

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Map around Onoura Beach

Detailed Travel Guide

Onoura Beach
Onoura Beach is located in Mihama Town, Aichi Prefecture. It is one of the popular beach nearby Nagoya city.