Shoji Falls

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Shoji Falls (精進ヶ滝) is one of 100 best waterfallslocated in Minami Alps National Park. It has 121m high which is the highest waterfalls, as the straight fall, in eastern Japan. The water is coming from Mt.Hoousan and the fall is about 1400m high from the sea level. The access to the observation spot is also great hiking course with beautiful green leaves and water during the summer.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom at the parking.
40 min. from the paring to the observatory.

Need a car.
0. Nirasaki Statinon.
1. use root 20 to Makihara cross and make left.
2. change to Shojigadaki Rindo (30 min.)
3. walk (40 min.)

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Map around Shoji Falls

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Shoji Falls

The water come from Mt. Hoousan which is one of the top mountains in Minami Alps. It will be so beautiful in May because all snow of the mountain melt and the amount of water get much higher. Also, May has great green leaves. Koyo, Autumn tints, are also beautiful in Fall.

Shoji Fall and the road will be closed in winter (from 12 to 4) Also, it will be closed after the heavy rain.

Access to the Observation easy, but to reach the bottom of the fall required high mountain climbing skill. So, DO NOT try to reach the bottom unless you are with some who knows how to get there. It is very DANGEROUS.