The Shopping Arcade of Tateishi

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The Shopping Arcade of Tateishi (立石商店街) is a great local shopping district located Katsushika, Tokyo. There are many great food stands located in small arcade. They offers great food and delicacy of Japanese local food.

Tourist Info.
There are 5 different shopping street and this video introduces Nakamise Street.

0. at Asakusa.
1. use Keisei Line to Tateishi.

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The Shopping Arcade of Tateishi

Tateishi has many great shopping districts and has a great local foods stands.

… is the oldest Shopping district in Tateishi. It was built right after WWII. It is 120m. It has many unique and great food stands.

Chopsticks is available at Katsushika Crafrwork Museum.

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