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Takeda Shrine (武田神社) is located on Kofu, Yamanashi. It was built after Tsutsujigasaki House (躑躅ヶ崎館) of Takeda Shingen (武田信玄), and now it enshrines Takeda Shingen. This shrine was built in 1915 by people who love Shingen-ko and today people still visit here and pray for their own success.

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There is parking.

0. at Kofu Station
1. use local bus to Takedajinja

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Takeda Shrine

Enshrines: Takeda Shingen
Good for: Win and success.
Festival of the shrine: April 12 after the date of Shingen's death.

Takeda Shrine is located on Tsutsujigasaki House. Tsutsujigasaki House was built in 1519 by Takeda Family. It was also the government house of Kai, and Nobutora (Shingen's father), Takeda Shingen, and his son Katsuyori stayed.

Today, there are moat, stone walls, are well still preserved as the original shape, and chosen as the national historic property of Japan.

Takeda Shingen, also known as Takeda Harunomu
... is one of the most famous Daimyo, feudal lord, during Sengoku period. He was born in 1521 and died in 1573. At the age of 21, he succeeded father's land Kai, currently Yamanashi prefecture, and fought many battles and greatly govern his lands. His army is widely considered as the strongest army during the Sengoku period, and as the general, he is one of the best general at that time.

The Takeda was a samurai family whose ancestors directly came from Emperor Seiwa, also known as Genji. He especially respected religious studies (Zen Buddhism) and arts in general. He loved at attend Utaki, and he himself wrote many poems.

He is still hero of Yamanashi people, and one of the most popular Daimyo in the world.

"人は城 人は石垣 人は堀 なさけは味方 あだは敵なり"
(People is a castle, people is a wall, people is moat, mercy is friend, and anger is enemy.)
Means, no matter what kind of strong castle you built, you cannot govern your country without backing and respect from the citizens. Show your great mercy to connect the citizens, and they will stay your country. If you create too many hates from the citizens, your country will be fated, soon.

其疾如風 其徐如林 侵掠如火 不動如山

"move fast as wind, quite as forest, invade as fire, and stay strong as mountain."

At the museum, there are many Shingen related treasure such as his sword, armer and more.

Today, it is also chosen as the 100 best castles of Japan.

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