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Takanaminoike Camp Site (高波の池キャンプ場) is located in Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture. It is located in the middle of the mountain that has a cool temperature even in Summer. There is a small pond just nearby the campsite so you can enjoy recreations around the ponds such as fishing, boat riding and hiking.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
There are coin showers, BBQ field and restroom.
There are gift shops and restaurant.
Admission: One tent for 1000 yen.
There are many rental gears for the camping. The site is not located by the parking, but it's not that far from the parking.
Reservation: 025-556-2327
Check-in: by 16:00
Check out: by 11:00
From the end of April to November.

Need a car. Drive route 148 to the south, change to 483.


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Takanaminoike Camp Site
Takanonamiike Camp Site is located right next to Takanonami Pond. It is a beautiful campsite surrounded by the natures.

You can enjoy fishing and boat riding around the lake.
There is a gift shop in this site, but they close at evening and there is no shops around this site. So, bring everything what you need for your camping.

Takanaminoike Pond
Takanami Pond (高波の池) is a beautiful pond located in southern Niigata Prefecture. It is located on the Mt. Akahage. The altitude of the pond is 535m from the sea level. You can enjoy fishing, boat riding and walking around. It is surrounded by the beautiful nature. There are a campsite, a gift shop and a restaurant.

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