Sightseeing Guide:

Kunisaki Peninsula (国東半島) is located in northern Oita Prefecture. It is surrounded by Seto Inland Sea, Beppu Bay and Suou Sea. The center of the peninsula has many active volcano such as Mt. Futato. There are many beautiful old temples with great stone buddha statues. Also, Usa Jingu Shrine is the head of all Hachiman Shrines that is largest shrine organization in Japan. It is the top of all 7,817 Hachiman Shrine. the Coastal line is designated as the 100 best unexplored regions.

Access to Kunisaki Peninsula

By Car

Use Kyusyu Express Way to North. Change Higashi Kyusyu Express Way. Exit at Hayami.

By Train

Use Kyusyu Shinkansen to Kurume Station. Change to JR Kyudai Line to Oita Station. Change JR Nippo Line to Kitsuki Station.

East Shiiya Falls

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