Sunset Beach Koyo Festa.

Sunset Beach Koyo Festa.

Sunset Beach Koyo Festa. (夕焼けの渚・紅葉まつり) is one of the lit-up Autumn leaves festival happens at Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi P...

Finally MLJ visited Okinawa!

Sea Kayak & Snokel

MLJ finally visited Okinawa. Okinawa Prefecture is located in far south-west of Japan and it is the only Island that has the tropical weather in Japan. There are lots of Marine Spots activities. This time, we'd like to introduce Sea Kayak and Snokel to the Blue Cave. The Blue cave is one of the most popular diving spot in the main Island Okinawa. The beach has the Okinawan Blue Ocean, coral sea and all the tropical fishes will meet you.

Shuri Castle

Okinawa is not the Islands of the ble ocean, it has also rich history, such as Shuri Castles. Shuri Castle was the last castle of Ryukyu Kingdom. It has a great stone walls that are the main feature of Okinawan Castles. Because of the historical value, it is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many other historic sites around Shuri Castles. When you are in Okinawa, you must check them out.

Nakagusuku Castle

Nakagusuku Castle and Nakijin Castle are also another historic sits and ruins of Okinawan Castles that are also registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. All of them are perserved in the great conditions, especially, the stone walls are awesome.

Okinawa is one of the most popular traveling prefecture in Japan. Enjoy Japanese Tropical Resort.

Bonsai Art of Oyama Castle



本网站不仅介绍日本的旅游景点,还会介绍历史上的重要城市、公园、瀑布以及古老寺院与神社,还包括传统的日本艺术、各项活动,以及餐饮与购物商店。 这些影片都是由当地人或者到实际旅游当地的观光客所拍摄而成的,透过影音的介绍以便旅游日本的观光客得以掌握确切的资讯与规划最佳的旅游行程。
影片中的各地景点介绍会附带介绍附近的购物与餐饮,并且会在每段影片增添文字性的叙述。 其他单元主要提供各位各种所需的资讯以满足大众的好奇心:"以动态方式观览日本"提供真实的生活现况。

We just want to connect the foreign visitors and local tourism in Japan.

I'd like to introduce the all beautiful aspects of Japan and Japanese culture. There are so many beautiful places in Japan. but most of them are not promoted well because it is located far out of the big city. However, they still have the great tourism such as great nature and rich history. Our mission is to connect those beautiful spots hidden in all over Japan to connect the wonderful foreign visitors with full of the information so that they will have rich tour while they are here in Japan, and help the local community.