Atsugi Fireworks


Atsugi Fireworks (あつぎ鮎まつり花火大会) is one of the biggest fireworks happen in Kanagawa. It is held in beginning of August. This has over 10,000 fireworks. It has many starmines and the main feature is 250m long Niagara fireworks.

Tourist Info.
Location is the meeting point of Sagami River, Nakatsu River and Koayu River.
330 thousand people enjoy this fireworks.
There are many food stands around the viewing spots.
Restroom will be very crowded.

0. at Hiratsuka Station.
1. use JR Tokaido Line to Chigasaki.
2. use JR Sagami Line to Atsugi.
3. walk north-west (20 min.)

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