Suizenji Jojuen Garden


Suizenji Jojuen Garden (水前寺成趣園) is the refined circular garden of Momoyama period style located in Kumamoto. It is one of the major tourist spot in Kumamoto. The first lord of Higo, Tadatoshi, loved this area and built tea house. Later, Tsunatoshi built a beautiful garden and named Joju-en.

Tourist Info.
Admission: 400 yen, under junior 200 yen.
There is a group discount from 30 people.
Open: 7:30 to 18:00 (Mar. to Oct.), 8:30 to 17:00 (Nov. to Feb.).
There is no parking (use public parking).

0. at Kumamoto Station.
1. use Kumamoto cable car to Suizenjikoen.

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周围的地图 Suizenji Jojuen Garden


Suizenji Jojuen Garden

The Suizenji Jojuen Garden represents the Fifty - Three Stations of the Tokaido Road. The fresh springs in the garden release clean, cold water, which flowers there from Mt. Aso via underground currents.

In 1636, Tadatoshi, the third Lord of Hosokawa, began its construction as a tea retreat, and he also built a temple here for Priest Gentaku. This temple was called Suizenji. This beautiful Momoyama style garden evolved durring the reigns of the fourth and the fifth Lords. In all it took about 80 years to complete. Jojuen was named after a character in poem written by Tao Yuanming.

Kokindenju Room
The first lord, FUjitaka, was a master of traditional waka poetry and initiated Imperial Prince Toshihiro the secret of this classical style of poetry in this room.

The walking tour of Jojuen takes about 20 min.