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Hisayoshi Nohara: Futon maker

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Mr. Hisayoshi Nohara (野原久義) is the master of Futon Making. He is the Grand Champion of Futon Making Competition, and certified "Master of Japanese Craftworks" by Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry of Japan. He trained Traditional Bedclothe Making from his father, and now he has over 38 years of experience. His Futon is considered as the best Futon in the world. It's all hand-made and he will produce the one Futon for each costumers.

Best Futon in the world



Size of Standerd Futon (for 170cm under): 102cm x 200cm.
His Futon Sets contains: Mattress Futon. Coverlet Futon. Covers for both Futon. Floor Mattress.
Mr. Nohara's futon is made from cotton.
What is his Futon made from?
If you have problem with back, we recommend High grade or Excellent grade.

Video about best Futon

Futon Making Video.
What for Floor Mattress.
How to take care Futon.
What is coverlet Futon.
How about Bed?

How to assemble his futon set.

Price list of Futon Sets

Mideum Grade Futon Set

ContentsPrice (JYP)
Mattress Futon27,000
Coverlet Futon23,700
Covers for Futon13,000
Floor Mattress29,000
Tax 5%4,635

High Grade Futon Set

ContentsPrice (JYP)
Mattress Futon47,000
Coverlet Futon39,000
Covers for Futon13,000
Floor Mattress36,000
Tax 5%6,750

Excellent Grade Futon Set

ContentsPrice (JYP)
Mattress Futon75,100
Coverlet Futon57,800
Covers for Futon13,000
Floor Mattress46,000
Tax 5%9,595

Note: There is extra fee for over size. If your height is: From 170cm to 180cm, plus 3,000 JPY. From 180cm to 190cm, plus 6,000 JPY.

Order Made Pillow

Mr. Nohara also produce special order-made Futon. Price is 6,500 JPY.
how to measure your pillow.

Order Futon

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Assembling Mr.Nohara's Futon Set

Watch the video of how to assemble his Futon set after you recieve the package.

Customers Review: Mr.Kowalski
Sleeping on the futon I purchased from Mr. Nohara via has been absolutely amazing! The quality of support that I get from the mattress, combined with the custom fit pillow has ensured I wake up feeling rested and ready to go. Sleeping on a futon is part and parcel of living in Japan, but if you're going to do it, you might as well do it right. I could not be happier with my purchase! Arigatou gozaimasu to Toshi and mr. Nohara!!

Customers Review: Helen (Singapore)
Dear Toshi-san:

I have seen the video of how Mr. Nohara makes the Futon quite some time back and it left a strong impression. In fact, there is very little information if you 'Google' Japan's craftsmen in Futon making. The video of Mr. Nohara is informative and extremely impressive where it comes to the way the 'pillow' dimensions are measured. He speaks with rigor and he is passionate about what he does.

My recent move to a new apartment created an opportunity where I had to purchase some household fittings and a bed. I decided to buy Asia to support the economies here, so I chose TOTO and the Futon. I have had Futons in the past, but somehow Mr. Nohara’s Futon felt special.

My first night's sleep gave me a huge sense of satisfaction. I felt proud that it was made of natural materials, it was extremely lush and comfortable, and I was very proud that it was handmade by Mr. Nohara's family tradition. It has been over a week now, and I am still feeling 'proud' every night when I go to bed. It is indeed very comfortable.

My experience in exchanging emails with you, the information you requested and provided, were reassuring. Overall it was a pleasant process and I am very satisfied.

Thank you very much Toshi-san.

Helen (Singapore)

Note: Because this is order made Futon, there is no canceling after payment procedure is finished. It will take 14 business days for Mr. Nohara to make Futon.

Mail MLJ to order or more information.

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