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MustLoveJapan makes your Kanji and Special Stamp of your Kanji!

Would you like to have Kanji for your name?

MLJ offers Kanji Naming service for you. If you are attending some Japanese martial arts such as Aikido, Judo, Karate, Jujutsu or Kenjutu, Kanji name is very important for your Dogi, the practice cloth, isn't it? Kanji name also applies for many aspects of designing, such as Original fashion, Tattoo, Business card, T-shirts, or any of your identification.

Naming examples:

The Kanji Hanko for you!

Excellent Black Hanko

Black wooden stamp with full name of Kanji.
Quick dry red ink.
Kanji naming Service.

Leather case and cap for Hanko.

Price: 17,800 JPY

Size: 24.00mm x 24.00mm x 60.00mm

This product includes Kanji naming service for your name, and shipping fee to all world.

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Information and detail of naming your Kanji and use of Hanko.

How MustLoveJapan pick up Kanji for your name.

MLJ will pick up your Kanji from your favorite words, activities, ideal or anything you belong to such as, martial arts, musician, teacher, artist, or any jobs of yours. MLJ also considers your gender, nation and religions as well in your requests.

Naming Sample

Claro Austria (the stamp of the image on right)

He is an martial artist. He ordered this stamp for marking his certification for his students.


Kura 蔵=Storage, keep. There are many famous Samurai and Sengoku heros used this Kanji for their name, such as Vice Commander of Shinsengumi, Hijikata Toshizo, Oishi Kuranosuke, the leader of 47 ronin of Chushingura.

ro 路=road, way. It's connect to the first name and make it to Aikido.

Ou 王=king
su 主=master
tori 鳥=bird
a 合=harmony
MLJ picked up his family name simple and easy to read correctly for all people.

Who pick up your Kanji?

The admin of MustLoveJapan, Toshi Asaka and Sei Morimoto will pick up your Kanji. Toshi Asaka is certified Japanese Martial artists and both of them has black belts of Japanese calligraphy.

How to order your Kanji name and Hanko

1. e-mail us with following information.
Your full name and any of your request.
Your address and phone number.
2. MLJ will reply your email with paypal account with payment 17,800 JPY.
3. After MLJ confirms your payment, we pick up your Kanji and send them to you.
4. you have one opportunity to change your Kanji. If you want to change it, we pick up others and you have a choice to decide either one.
5. MLJ will produce your Hanko, the stamp. It will take 5 to 7 business days.
6. MLJ will ship your Hanko to you. We will use Express Air mail, but the shipping period is really depend on your country.

7. Additional 1,000 JPY for shipping USA region, Europa and Africa.

Note: Because it is custom made Hanko, the stamp, there is no returning and canceling. If the Hako was broken when you received, please contact immediately the delivery company. As soon as their insurance covers the fee, will proceed and send it again. Make sure you return the broken Hanko.
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