地區分怖 : Kochi

旅遊信息: Kochi

Kochi(高知県) Prefecture is one of consistants of Shikoku Island. It was called Tosa. The entire southern area faces pacific ocean. Shimanto River considered as the purest river in Japan. Tosa Bay is very warm water, therefore it has great marin sports including coral reef and whale watching. Also, Cape Muroto and Cape Ashizuri have a great scenery. Kochi city is the city with history. Kochi Castle is one of 12 existed original castles. Also, there are many popular heros in Kochi. Sakamoto Ryoma, Chosokabe Motochika, Yamanouchi Kazutoyo and Itagaki Taisuke are very popular Samurai of Kochi. Kochi is surrounded by mountains on northern Kochi. It has a beautifl natures there.