Nikko Summarized


Nikko(日光) is located on the top of mountain in Tochigi prefecture. Nikko has the great temples and shrines which most of them are national treasure of Japan and some of them are even the world treasure. Nikko Toshogu Shrine(日光東照宮) which enshrines Ieyasu Tokugawa is the most popular travel spots and important shrine in Nikko. Also, around Lake Chuzenji, there are many beautiful nature including Kegon Falls(華厳ノ滝), the most famous water falls in Japan.

Tourist Info.
Nikko is the wide area to enjoy many spots.
0. at Asakusa Station
1. use Tobu Line to Nikko (2 hrs.)



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Nikko Summarized
Nikko Toshogu Shrine
… is the shrine which is selected as the world treasure. Most of the shrines keep original building which built in early 17th century. Those important shrines, buildings and gate are also chosen as the national treasure of Japan. It enshrines Ieyasu Tokugawa, first Tokugawa Shogun opens Edo Government. Most of the shrines and gates have great curving arts including three monkeys (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil) and Nemuri Neko (Sleeping Cat) which is the national treasure of Japan. At the Okuonmiya, there is the grave of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Kegon Falls
… is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, and one of the three great falls in Nikko, and one of the three great waterfalls in Japan. Moreover, Kegon waterfall is the most famous waterfall in Japan.

Lake Chuzenji
… is a highland lake located in Oku-Nikko, Tochigi. It is 25th largest lakes in Japan. Lake Chuzenji’s altitude is 1,269m and, as the natual lakes, it is the highest lake in Japan. Because of the high altitude, Lake Chuzenji is very cool even in summer and many people visit this lake to enjoy cool summer and camping. There are many restaurants and tourist attraction like boat riding or fishing. There are many waterfalls, including world famous Kegon Falls. The scenery of Lake Chuzenji with Mt. Nantai is very beautiful.

Yu Falls
…is one of the waterfalls in Nikko. It has 50m (166 ft.) high and 25m (83 ft.) width. Water come from Lake Yuno (湯の湖, yunomizuumi) which is one of the 100 best mountain in Japan. There are many hot spring around this fall. It is very beautiful long slow fall, and there is short hiking course side of the fall. Because water splash widely, it looks like white curtain of water.