Sessyo Stone


Sessyo Stone(殺生石) is one of the lava stone and popular spot in Nasu, Tochigi. The toxic gas is coming from under ground. Sessyo means killing. Birds will be dead when they fry over this area. The stone is one of 3 stones of white fax with 9 golden tails.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Kuroiso/Nasushiobara Station.
1. use local bus to Nasuyumoto.
2. walk



the Ronins 映画好き集まれ!

周圍的地圖 Sessyo Stone


Sessyo Stone

A long time ago, There was evil fox that had a white face, golden fur and nine tails. So, people called the fox "Hakumen-Kinmo-Kyubi no Kitsune." The nine tailed fox turned itself into a beautiful woman and committed one crime after another in China and India.

About eight hundred years ago, the nine tailed fox came to Japan. The fox turned itself into a beautiful woman again. Her name was Tamamo-no-mae. She was a courtesan under the Japanese Emperor and planned to destroy the country.

But a diviner, Abe-no-Yasunari, found out ther conspiracy. So, the nine tailed fox ran away to the plains of Nasu and started to commit crimes again. Then, The Emperor ordered Kazusa-no-suke and Miura-no-suke to kill the fox with 80,000 troops. Finally, it was killed, But, it became a poisonoous stone. It killed very thing that comes into contact with it.

The stone was said to have been destroyed in the Nanboku-cho period. Finnaly, Tamamo-no-mae could see a cloud of white smoke and the stone was splite into three pieces and one of them stayed here.

Since the, people have called it "Sesshou-seki."