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Usaburo Kokeshi

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Usaburo Kokeshi (卯三郎こけし) is the Japanese traditional doll "Kokeshi" shop and manufacturer in Gunma Prefecture. The founder Mr. Usaburo Okamoto has designed and produced Kokeshi. Not only producing traditional style of Kokeshi, Mr. Usaburo has been challenging new style of Kokeshi. Usaburo Kokeshies are the great harmony of traditional and modern style of Kokeshi which produced by the greatest designers.
Tourist Info.
Large parking are available. There is studio tour and experience Kokeshi painting.
0. Shin-Maebashi st.
1. take JR Joetsu Line to Shibukawa St. (14 min.)
2. take bus to Uedayotsukado (20 min.)
3. walk southwest (25 min.)


Usaburo Kokeshi has about 300 kinds of Kokeshies. Kokeshies are great for souvenir, wedding, mother's & and Father's day, birthday, children's day, and other celebration. All of Usaburo Kokeshi are design by wining award designers starting with the founder Mr. Usaburo. From those new designed Kokeshi, Usaburo Kokeshi produces new model of Kokeshies.
One of the special feature about Usaburo Kokeshi is its designing and production. It has been applied burn off and carving designing technique which gives Kokeshi new way of expression. Also by using zelkova trees which has great wood texture as base wood, Usaburo Kokeshi applies natural beauty and harmony of wood to its design. Applying those new style of designing with the greatest designer, Usaburo Kokeshi reates new style of Kokeshi ever.
In the gallery, there are about 1000 Kokeshi which winning award Kokeshies.
Usaburo Kokeshi also has an experience designing Kokeshi. You can pick up your favorite shape of Kokeshi and paint it by yourself to create your own Kokeshi.
Size and Price of Kokeshi dolls
Size: 3.2 cm(1.5 in.) to 42 cm(16 in.)
Price: 1000 yen to 70,000 yen
Cornel, Sakura, Chestnut tree and Zelkova tree.
Single Kokeshi dolls, Couple Kokeshi dolls, Sexagenary cycles, X'mas and wedding, Mother's and Father's day, Typical Japanese general goods, Unlacquered wood crafts, and other kinds of gifts.
Office Hour: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Url: http://
Adress:1591 Nagaoka, Shinto-mura, Kitagunmagun, Gunma 370-3501
Phone: 0279-54-6766
Fax: 0279-54-8684

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