Language /zhtw/zh


National Holiday: None

Major Event:
- Obon

Weather: Hot and humid, mostly sunny (rains 137mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 26.7 degrees C, 75%


August is the summer of Japan, hot and humid and summer vacation for school kids. It sometimes rains at evening time, but most of daytimes are sunny.

Like July, there are many fireworks festival and other kidns of festivals hold in August. If you like marine spots, Japanese beaches are open everywhere. In August, most of beaches have food servces, so you can enjoy beach and tasty food at the same time.

Cicada makes the sound of summer. Obon happens in the middle of August. Obon is like school's summer break for all workers. It is not official like New Year's break, but most people take a vacation. Obon is Japanese traditional custom that they believe their ancestors return to thier house. So, people go home to meet their ancestors. During Obon, Bonodori festival hold.

All Spots in August

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