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National Holiday:
- 3rd monday "Senior's Day" (敬老の日)
- 09/23 "Autumn Day" (秋分の日)

Weather: Typhoon season (rains 193mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 22.9 degrees C, 75%


Typhoon are back in September tells the end of Summer, and beginning of Fall. Like Typhoon in July, it is very strong storm. So, becareful when you vist ocean side. Another caution is jely fish. At the beach, Many jelly fish appears. So, be careful about that. They sting and it's hurts.

Ohigan happens again, and people visit their tumbs of family. Higanbana bloom everywhere and makes beautiful red flowers.

In the middle of September, there is Jugoya. Jugoya is night party to enjoy fullmoon. Jugoya comes from a folk-tail about rabbit making mochi on the moon. Japanese fegure out the texture of moon in that way. It's a time to respect seniors in senior's Day called Keirou no hi in Japanese.

It will getting cooler and cooler everyday from September.

All Spots in September

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