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Area Distribution : Yamagata

Sightseeing Guide: Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture is located in Tohoku Region and face Sea of Japan. 90% of Yamagata are considered as the special heavy snow area. Therefore, in winter all of the cities has a large amount snow which make many ski spots. Especially Zao is very popular ski spots with Onsen. There are lots of mountains and rivers. In summer, it becomes popular hiking spots.

Area List

Yamagata Tendo

Yamagata Tendo area is located in the middle of Yamagata prefecture. The main feature of this area is Zao Onsen. Zao Onsen is a ski resort with great Onsen. In summer, people also visit Zao for hiking. This area also has many historic ruins and site. Yamadera is another popular spots in this area. it is built in 860 and Hiku master, Matsuo Basho visited this temple. Also, Tendo is famous for Shogi, Japanese chess. Because Tendo was the last land of Oda clan, the descendants of Oda Nobunaga, and Nobunaga recommended Shogi for training Samurai Strategy. There is the shrine of Oda Nobunaga and graves of Oda Clan.

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