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Cooking Japanese Meals

Every week, MustLoveJapan shows you how to cook a different Japanese dish. Sushi and Sashimi are not the only kinds of Japanese food! MustLoveJapan introduces the real Japanese daily dishes which Japanese people eat. They are healthy, easy and of course tasty. If you are interested in cooking and would love to cook Japanese food for yourself, here MLJ have recipes for Tempura, Sukiyaki, Onigiri, Curry Rice and more.

How to cook Tatsuta-Age

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Tatsuta-Age(竜田揚げ) is a Japanese style fried chicken dish. The major difference between Kara-Age, which is the most popular Japanese style fried chicken and Tatsuta-Age is that Tatsuta-Age uses potato starch instead of wheat flour.


-Checkin 300g
-Ginger 1/2
-Potato Starch
-White Dashi

First peel off Ginger and cut it into small a piece.
Then, grind it.
We only need a juice of ginger, so remove the ginger.
Add one large table spoon of White Dashi.
Add half large table spoon of Sake.
Then, mix them.
Add checkin, and mix them well.
Then, wait about 10 min. to let checkin have the juice.
Heat a oil (180 degree celsius).
Add Potato Starch, and fry them.
Because we use White Dashi, so never let it over fried.
Once Checkins are start floating and changing their color.

They are ready.
That's it.

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