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Sightseeing Guide: Mie

Mie Prefecture (三重県, Mie) is a prefecture of Japan which is part of the Kansai regions on Honshu island. The capital is the city of Tsu.Half of Mie faces Ise Bay and other faces Pacific Osean. The history of Mie begin at 10,000 years ago. Ise Shrine is one of the famous and the most important feature in Mie. Also, Iga, the Ninja city is located west side of Mie.

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Iga city is located in Mie Prefecture. Iga was home to Japan's most famous Iga Samurai and their techniques of ninjutsu. Iga's main tourist attractions are the Iga Ueno castle and the Iga ryũ ninja museum. There is an annual Iga Ueno ninja festival held from April 1 to May 6 in which people dress up in the popular modern image of ninja.

The Samurai of Iga were recognised from early on in Japanese history as experts in the skills of what later came to be termed ninjutsu. Their skills were recognised and used in battle by outsiders of the region from the earliest times and their exploits have fuelled the imaginations of generations and spurned a booming industry - the ninja industry.


Ise is located on the east part of Kii Peninsula, and facing Ise Bay. The major cities in Ise area are Yokkaichi, Tsu, Matsuzaka, and Ise.
The most famous and important feature of Ise is Ise Jingu, the grand shrine of Ise. Many people visit the Jingu every year. Matsuzaka is also famous for its beef, called Matsuzaka Gyu.

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