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Area Distribution : Miyagi

Sightseeing Guide: Miyagi

Miyagi Prefecture is located in the center of Tohoku Region. It is also the center of economy because of Sendai City. Sendai is the biggest city in Tohoku area. Millions of people live in Sendai. West side of Miyagi is widely covered by mountains. Not only it has great nature, but also there are many great Onsen like Zama where also developed for winter spots. East side of Miyagi is all costal line. Sedai port is the industrial port, but Matsushima, Ishinomaki are great fish ports where offer fresh fish of Tohoku. Coastal Line is very unique. Matsushima is well known for one of the view of Japan. Major product of Miyagi is rice. So, they offers great rice. Sushi at Miyagi is always tasty because of fresh fish and rice.

Area List


Sendai area the central spots contains Sendai City, Matsushma, Zao, and Ishinomaki. Sendai city is the biggest city in Tohoku Region. It is also known as City of Forest "Morino Miyako," because there are many beautiful natures around the city and planted many trees in the city as well. For the Tohku Region, Sendai is the center of economy, fashion and entertainments. At the sea side, there are many fish ports which offers great seafood. Sendai area has great area which has natures of mountains and sea, and a huge city for Tohoku region.


Kesennuma (気仙沼) is a northern seaside area of Miyagi prefecture. Kesennuma and seaside of Iwate prefecture are called "Sanriku." Geologically, Sanriku is ria coast area, therefore fisheries industry are very strong in Kesennuma. Especially, Shark fin is very popular Kesennuma seafood delicacy. Also, ria coast creates very beautiful scenery. Tourism in Kesennuma is very popular in Sanriku region. In March 11, 2011, this area had been damaged seriously by Tsunami.

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