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Japanese Plum

Ume is the most favorite flowers for Japanese. It has beautiful combination of colors, such as red, light-red, pink, yellow, and white with sweet smell. It is little chilly to do Hanami party with Ume, but definitely beautiful flowers to enjoy.

At the southern part of Kanto region like Kanagawa prefecture, Ume is already blooming. Yugawara Bairin and Soga Bairin are one of the best Ume Hanami spots in Kanto region. Both are located around Odawara, so it is kind of far from Tokyo. However, the scale of the park (Bairin) is so huge. Especially, Yugawara Bairin has also great "Onsen," hot spring, and nice hiking courses. So, check out Yugawara Bairin by one day hiking, and visit "Onsen" at Yugawara for your next weekend.

If you don't have much time to visit those Ume spots, you can also check out Okurayama Bairin which is very small, but also has great collection of Ume trees. Okurayama is very close from Tokyo. It will only take 30 min. from Shibuya Station. They have also food stands and ceremony for the festival. Check Also, Ikegami Baien is another choice for you.

Enjoy Ume flowers for arrival of Japanese Spring. After you enjoy Ume flowers, Sakura is coming soon.

List for Japanese Plum

Yoshino Baigo

Yoshino Baigo (吉野梅郷, yoshinobaigo) is one of the most famous Ume (Plum ...

Kairakuen Garden

Kairakuen Garden (偕楽園) is one of three best Japanese Gardens ( 日本三名園). It ...

Atami Plum Garden

Atami Plum Garden (熱海梅園, atamibaien) is a garden with Japanese Plums ...


Kodokan (弘道館) is a remaining Samurai School located in Mito, Ibaraki Pref. ...

Soga Japanese Plum Forest

Soga "Ume," Japanese plum, Forest (曽我梅林, Soga Bairin) is one of the ...

Yugawara Ume Park

Yugawara Ume Park (湯河原梅林, Yugawara bairin) is one of the biggest "Ume," ...

Hanami at Ikegami Garden

Ikegamibaien (池上梅園) There are 370 Ume (Plum Tree), 800 azaleas, and about ...

Yushima Tenjin

Yushima Tenmangu (湯島天満宮) also known as Yushimatenjin (湯島天神) is a Shinto ...

Akima Plum Forest

Akima Plum Forest (秋間梅林, akimabairin) is one of the major Japanese Plume ...

Ogose Bairin

Ogose Bairin (越生梅林) is a Japanese Plume forest located in Ogose, Saitama. ...

Okurayama Plum Park

Okurayama Plum Park (大倉山梅林, okurayama bairin) is small but very popular ...

Taura Bairin

Taura Bairin (田浦梅林) is a park with Japaese plum forest located in ...

Akatsuka Pond Park

Akatsuka Pond Park (赤塚溜池公園, akatsuka tameikekouen) is located Itabashi, ...

Negishi Forest Park

Negishi Forest Park (根岸森林公園, negishishinrinkouen) is a huge park with play ...

Koshigaya Plum Park

Koshigaya Plum Park(越谷梅林公園) is located in Koshigaya, Saitama. There are 40 ...

Hanegi Park

Hanegi Park (羽根木公園) has beautiful Bairin, Japanese Plum Forest. Its Bairin ...


Hanami at Ikegami Garden

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Ikegamibaien (池上梅園) There are 370 Ume (Plum Tree), 800 azaleas, and about 50 other kinds of trees in this garden. On Feburary to March, Ume will blossom and gives great colors of flowers. This garden also has tee room, traditional dinning, lighthouse, and pound.
Tourist Info:
100 yen for enterence fee. You need to make a reservation for using the tea room.
0. Tokyo Station
1. use JR Yamanote to Gotanda (10 min.)
2. use Toei Asakusa Line to Nishikomagome (7 min.)
4. walk south (10 min.)

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